Interesting Ways To Use A Flipbook

Flipbooks don’t get enough attention. They’re a small reminder of the past of animation and can be an excellent way to record memories. If you’re like most people, then you have a lot of pictures, but flipbooks can also be an awesome way to document different things. Not only that, but they can also be incredibly helpful in different areas. If you’re looking for awesome and interesting ways to use a flip book, keep reading because this article will detail a couple great way to use them.

Recording Memories

One of the best and most used ways to use a flip book, especially for the everyday person is to use your flipbook as a way to record your memories. You can use it as a way to capture the essence of a sunset on your vacation at RIU Hotels & Resorts, or you can use it to add flair to your kitchen table from your children’s drawings. This is a great way to look at life and see it in motion, without any technology involved for the most part. If you’re looking to capture something that is in motion, your best bet would to either take stills from a movie, or to do something like a gif to capture the movement. You can usually do this on your phone by capturing things in “burst mode”. You’ll need to put your phone or camera on a tripod or have it kept completely still the entire time, because it’s essential that you keep the image still and only capture the movement so that you will have a smooth flip book, and doesn’t just come out as a random assortment of photographs but together.

Making Animations

Another great way that people use flipbooks is to make animations. This is a great way to understand how you need to draw your characters so that you can understand the movement. This is incredibly important for animators to understand, as it is the sole way that the make cinema, unless they are using specific software that moves the pictures through digital technology. In most cases, the normal person doing animation doesn’t have access to what you need to make movement happen on screen like big production animators do, so your best bet is doing it yourself. Once you have your flipbook made, you should analyze the movement and understand that the way that you need to draw and situate your characters.

Getting A Deeper Understanding of Movement

If you’re an artist, you probably understand how hard it can be to understand movement when it comes to bodies and other complex moving parts. This is because bodies are very complicated, and any misunderstandings when it comes to the movements of bodies can result in very distorted photos and more. Gesture drawings help for the most part, but they don’t give you the full understanding of the movement in an entire set of a movement. So a good way to get the details in when you’re making art, especially that which revolves around human bodies is to do gestural flip books. By doing this, you’ll have multiple different poses that will give you the information you need to do details.

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